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  1. Good morning-
    This is Lisa A. Harmon
    My correct telephone number is: 479-886-2722. Mailing address: POB 93, Russellville AR 72811.
    Thank you.

  2. I currently work at Kroger Co. Store #00582 in Little Rock, AR. I want information on how to get out of UFCW Local #2008.

    Thank you,

    Robert A. Balduf

    • Mr. Balduf:

      You can write a resignation letter and send it to the Union office, and you will receive a letter back letting you know if you were timely or not. If not, you will receive the window of time you must send the letter in to be timely. You can also give the letter to your Union Representative, Mark Teakell, when he is in the store. You can reach Mark Teakell at (501) 565-6306, Ext. 132.

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